Please help our family in Haiti recover from previous catastrophic events.

The financial aid from Canadian supporters of L’Arche helped re-establish our community in Carrefour, Haiti after it was struck by the earthquake in 2010. We also helped rebuild L’Arche Chantal, our second community in Haiti, after Hurricane Matthew in 2016. Our donors’ previous support has helped our L’Arche communities in Haiti overcome some of the worst natural disasters the country has seen. Thankfully, despite a vicious hurricane season in the past year, our two communities were generally unscathed. However, L’Arche in Haiti still requires financial support to elevate the lives of our core members. Your gift of $50, $75, $100, $200, or however much you wish to donate, will continue to aid our two communities in Haiti. Please note that your donation is eligible for a tax receipt.

Haiti remains the poorest country in North America. In a society that remains plagued by corruption and political instability, people with intellectual disabilities are generally seen as worthless and are shunned by society. Although there is no government or community support for people with disabilities, L’Arche continues to be a guiding light within this darkness. Our two communities provide a sense of belonging, love, companionship and dignity to over 75 individuals with intellectual disabilities – both for those who live in the community and those we support that continue to live at home and attend our workshops and school. In a very tough economy, the community is able to raise about 20% of its annual operating costs to continue to be this beacon of hope. For the rest, they depend on international support – they depend on us, you and I, to continue to provide a dignified life out of harm’s way.

Without your support there is no dignity. Won’t you please help by giving generously to this year’s appeal for financial aid? L’Arche in Haiti needs $135,000 to keep their doors open for another year. That is $1800 per person we support with an intellectual disability, or $150 per month per person.

Remember that your donation is eligible for a tax receipt. Won’t you consider sponsoring an individual for a year, or for a number of months? This would be such a wonderful gift for a country and a society that knows nothing of the blessings we are able to take for granted. Please give generously and give the gift of dignity – the gift of hope.

Gary Sim President and CEO